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Advising is moving online.

GEO Advisors are continuing to meet with students via Zoom. To request an advising appointment, please click here.



GEO advisors are here to help you figure out study abroad/away and to prepare you for your program. You can meet with an advisor anytime in your four years, and you can come in for an appointment as many times as you need.

Common topics students discuss with GEO advisors:

• Choosing a Program • Fitting In
• Academics and Course Credits • Friends
• Internships • Family
• Research Opportunities (undergrad) • Health and Wellness
• Finances • Safety and Security
• Identity • Culture


Having trouble scheduling a study away advising appointment, or worried that your appointment isn't for several weeks? Please review these resources compiled by GEO advisors to help get you started.

Is study away advising required?

Meeting with a GEO advisor is required to petition a program. Advising is also required for all semester Oxford programs and for IES Madrid: Engineering, Architecture, & Science. Advising is recommended for all other programs, both Duke-In and Duke-Approved.


Please schedule an appointment online using the link below each Advisor’s photo. Be sure to prepare for advising prior to your appointment.

Abigail Grubbs

General Advising

Carolyn Covalt

General Advising

Alayne Wood

General Advising

Hayley Broadhead

Advising on academic internships, independent study, and undergraduate research on study away


Question 1: Is finding an academic internship or research opportunity on study away your primary objective? 

  • YES – Begin your advising with Hayley Broadhead. Hayley's specialization is academic internships and undergraduate research opportunities on study away programs.
  • MAYBE – If you are interested in internships and research opportunities on study away, but you wouldn't say it is your primary objective right now, proceed to Question 2. You can schedule an internship/research-specific advising appointment at a later time.
  • NO – Proceed to Question 2.

Question 2: Have you narrowed down your study away program choices by geographic region?

  • YES – Book an appointment with the advisor assigned to your region of interest. If you are seriously comparing two or more programs in regions assigned to different advisors, we recommend booking separate appointments with each advisor.
  • NO – For assistance exploring your options based on criteria other than geographic region, please come to drop-in advising with a GEO Peer Advisor.

GEO Peer Advising Option

ask away logo

Just getting started with your research into study away? GEO Peer Advisors can walk you through how it all works, and show you which parts of the website apply to you. 
No appointment necessary.

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For academic advisors

Are you an academic advisor? 

If you are in a position to advise students – either formally or informally, at Duke or at another university – you are bound to come across questions about study abroad or study away. Check out our collection of resources for Academic Advisors to find answers to common student questions.