Program Alert

If you are applying to a Duke-Approved or petition program, please complete your Duke general application in the MyExperientialEd portal as early as possible to expedite the Duke Dean’s and conduct checks required for GEO to approve your application. Delaying the completion of your Duke general application could jeopardize your semester abroad.


  • All Duke students need to submit an application in MyExperientialEd. Even if you are pursuing a Duke-Approved or Petition program, and you will apply to an external university/program provider to study away, you also need to complete a brief application in MyExperietialEd for the purpose of keeping your financial and academic records in order at Duke.

  • GEO will run a Dean's check and a conduct check on all Duke students once we receive the General Application Questionnaire in MyExperientialEd. The results determine your eligibility to study away. 


These step-by-step guides outline the entire application process and prepare you for what to expect at each step along the way.


Application deadlines vary significantly depending upon the program.

  • Duke-Approved and Petition Programs: Consult the program's website for the application deadline and acceptance notification schedule. Aim to complete the Duke portion of your application in MyExperientialEd by February 1 for summer programs, March 1 for fall and yearlong programs, and October 1 for spring programs, as best you can.
  • Duke-In Programs: It's recommended to apply early, as many Duke-In programs admit students on a rolling basis. Occasionally, select programs may extend the application deadline beyond the original published date. Always consult the GEO website for updated Duke-In program deadlines.

Duke-In Program Deadlines


Many Duke-Approved program applications require that GEO approves your application. This process is sometimes called an advisor approval form or a home school nomination. All such requests should be sent to Your Dean’s and Conduct checks must be complete before your application can be approved.


Apply and manage your application(s) for study away in MyExperientialEd.

MyExperientialEd is the study abroad/study away application management system for both Duke and Non-Duke students. You can start an application and return to it later to complete additional items. The login for MyExperientialEd is always accessible in the top right corner of our website.

Duke Log-In

Non-Duke Students

The system will prompt you to create an account. You will continue to use the "Non-Duke Login" and your original username and password to access your application and post-acceptance materials, even if you later receive a Duke NetID.

Non-Duke Log-In