Study Abroad Fee

Applies to Duke-Approved Semester Programs

Students on Duke-Approved semester programs pay tuition and fees of the host institution plus Duke’s study abroad fee per semester.


The fee is $4,580 per semester for the 2022-2023 academic year. The fee will remain $4,580 per semester for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Who is charged the Study Abroad Fee?

Duke University will charge the Study Abroad Fee to all students participating in semester or yearlong Duke-Approved programs administered by institutions other than Duke University.

What does the Study Abroad Fee cover?

Even though you are not physically at Duke when you study away, you are still considered a Duke student on study away status, which allows you to retain the right of access to Duke libraries, information technology, financial aid, student services, career services, and academic advising. You are supported by your academic dean and members of the faculty. Duke students participating in Duke-Approved programs are also covered by Duke’s international SOS for travel assistance and medical evacuation services.

Can the Study Abroad Fee be waived?

No. The Study Abroad Fee is mandatory. Fees are set by the Board of Trustees and are not waived under any circumstances.

In addition, students enrolled in Duke-Approved programs are obligated to pay for any and all goods and services that are identified as their responsibility in the program description provided by the non-Duke provider.

For example, host institutions may:

  1. Have lab fees for lab equipment or audiovisual materials which students are required to purchase to take a course,
  2. Assess charges based on damages to property or late fees for late return of library materials, or
  3. Offer options to use the institutional athletic center for a fee.