Duke views study away as an integral part of undergraduate education. Nearly half of every year’s graduating class has studied away at least once. To ensure the academic rigor remains consistent as students leave Duke’s campus to pursue study away opportunities, there are some baseline academic requirements for study away.

Types of Credit

Understanding what kind of credit your study away program offers is critical. Make sure you’re clear on whether the courses you take on study away will appear on your transcript as Duke credit, transfer credit, or a mix of both.

Course Approval Process

For every course you take for transfer credit, you must get Duke’s approval and the Duke course equivalent. You can begin the approval process as soon as you have completed an application in MyGlobalEd.

Reconcile Transfer Credit

The courses you take for transfer credit on study away are added to your record upon your return, so long as you follow the instructions for getting a course approved and reconciling your transfer credit.

Course Load

When you study away for a semester, you must take a full course load equivalent to four Duke course credits. If you do not meet the requirements to transfer back a full load, you risk having your registration blocked or being put on academic probation, even being dismissed from Duke.

Study Away Agreement

There are several action steps you need to take to go on Study Away Agreement. This special status is how your hold your place and standing at the university while you’re on study away, and it impacts your accounts with the Bursar’s Office, Financial Aid, and University Registrar. 


A comprehensive index of policies and forms related to study abroad/away is available under About > Forms & Policies. Official student handbooks for summer and semester programs are also provided for download.

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