While your program director or program support staff can and should be a valuable resource for bringing up issues or concerns you may encounter on your program (Duke-In, Duke-Approved, or Petitioned program), there may be instances where you would like to report an issue or concern directly to the Global Education Office (GEO). In these latter instances, please complete this form with as much information as possible so that we can understand and provide a thorough response to your concerns. A staff member from GEO will follow up with you shortly after the submission of this form.


Individuals with complaints regarding a particular Duke global education program are strongly encouraged to contact the appropriate Faculty Director for resolution of the matter.  In the event that the complaint is not resolved by the appropriate Faculty Director, the matter will thereafter be administered in accordance with those policies and procedures set forth in the Trinity Bulletin or the Duke Community Standard in Practice.  In addition, more information regarding complaint policies and procedures across the entire Duke University community can be found here