Comparison graphic of DAEs and GEO advisors

DAE or GEO Advisor?

Referring Students to Study Away Advising Resources

The Academic Advising Center offers specialized advising on global and civic engagement opportunities via the Directors of Academic Engagement (DAEs). DAEs work closely with GEO advisors to advise students considering study abroad among a range of other global and civic opportunities at Duke, including DukeEngage, DukeImmerse, the global health major, and Bass Connections. 

When referring students 

  • If your advisee knows they want to study abroad/away and is ready to discuss options, s/he should make an appointment directly with a GEO advisor.
  • If, however, the student is undecided about goals for a global experience, needs to engage in curriculum/major planning to fit it in, or wants to discuss other global/civic opportunities in addition to study abroad, s/he should make an appointment with a DAE, who will refer from there as needed.