How I Got to Know the People on the Duke in Greece Program: Kayla Speidel

Greece through a porthole

This picture was taken on the port of Folegandros, from the bathroom window of my boat cabin. Twenty-six people and I lived on this boat for a week, traveling nearly every day to a new island. 

Although the quarters may have been a bit tight, I felt this part of the Duke in Greece program was one of the most valuable. We sat at the living room tables and ate a delicious and simple homemade lunch every day. We visited the most spectacular islands I have ever seen. Each morning I would peek out of my bathroom window; and, even though it was the same sea, it was always stunningly different from the morning prior. 

By the end of this week, we became a true family. I have no doubt that we will continue to keep in touch when we return to Duke.

Kayla Speidel

 Duke in Greece, Summer 2016