Rhony Jean Simon

Experiential Education Staff Specialist


Rhony is an experienced Testing Manager. He has worked as a Testing Administrator, Student Feedback Coordinator, and Advisor at Miami Dade College North Campus. He has also led and supervised several security teams at various sites, including Miami International Airport, for the last eight years. He worked as the Admission Coordinator for the School of Nursing at UNC-Chapel Hill before joining Duke University as a Staff Specialist.

Rhony was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where he grew up and completed high school in 2005. He moved to the United States after high school to further his education. He started his college education at Miami Dade College North Campus, where he obtained his Associate in Art (AA) in Nursing in 2009. Shortly after completing his AA, he decided to change his pathway and obtained his bachelor’s in Art (BA) in Supervision and Management in 2013 at Miami Dade College.

Rhony enjoys spending time with his family as he is a devoted father to his three children. He loves music, and the guitar is his favorite instrument. He loves to travel and learn about new cultures. He loves to dance and have fun.