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Raia Lockerman in Arab World
<em>Raia Lockerman on Duke in the Arab World</em>


Program Recommendations by Area of Study

Find Study Away Programs Based on Your Academic Interests

Are you looking to take classes in a specific academic area while on study away? We have compiled the following list of Academic Areas to get you started.  Please note that not all majors or academic areas offered at Duke are listed.

Click on the links below to find a list of programs that may fit your academic interests. The results include Duke-In and Duke-Approved programs, for both summer and semester terms.

Please note:

  • These lists will be updated on a regular basis as the academic content of programs changes.
  • To see if a non-Duke course is already approved for transfer credit, please use the GEO Approved Courses Database: 
  • To request approval for any courses not listed in the database (see above), please follow the steps outlined here:
  • In some cases, a school or program is not listed under a specific Area of Study because their course offerings in that Area are not very robust. However, these programs/schools may still offer occasional classes in this Area.
  • We cannot guarantee that all classes offered on these programs/at these universities will count towards a Duke major, minor, or certificate. For questions regarding how transfer credit may fit into major/minor requirements, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Study (DUS) for your department.

GEO advisors can help you determine the right program based on your academic goals, and assist with the transfer credit approval process. Visit to make an appointment with a GEO advisor.


Areas of Study 

African & African American Studies 

Art History 

Asian & Middle Eastern Studies  



Computer Science 

Cultural Anthropology 




Environmental Science & Policy 

Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies 

Global Health 


Markets & Management Studies 



Political Science 

Psychology & Neuroscience 

  • Note that classes that transfer to Duke as Neuroscience frequently are taught in the following subject areas abroad: Pharmacology, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Psychiatry 

Public Policy 

Religious Studies 

Romance Studies: 


Statistical Science 

Visual and Media Studies 



Study Away Programs Offering Coursework with an Internship, Research, or Independent Study Component

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U.S.-Based Programs: Try on a New City for Credit

You can have a global experience anywhere in the world, including right here in the U.S. The Duke Global Education Office administers a growing number of U.S.-based study away programs in iconic places such as New York City, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Silicon Valley.

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Back to Back: How I Studied Abroad Twice in the Same Summer

In the summer after her sophomore year at Duke, Tiffany de Guzman ('19) did two Duke-In summer programs: Duke in Bologna and Duke in Oxford. We asked her to share what motivated her to tackle four credits in one summer and what advice she has for others considering doing the same.

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How To Choose a Study Away Program

When it comes to choosing a study away program, the array of options can be overwhelming. It might seem easier to follow friends’ recommendations, but study away is really about your own path. What are you looking for? What are your academic and personal goals? Here’s a list to get you started with evaluating your needs.

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