Experiential Programs Manager



Hayley developed a love for travel at a young age as she visited family across the country. At the age of 15, she was privileged to experience her first trip overseas to Germany and Austria on tour as a violist in a youth orchestra. 

Hayley has a B.A. in English teaching from Brigham Young University and a master’s in higher education administration from NC State University. While teaching children of all ages in public schools in Utah, Texas, and North Carolina, she discovered the marked educational gains students make through experiential learning.

Hayley joined Duke in 2012 as a financial aid counselor in the Karsh Office of Financial Support. During her time, she focused on helping students with the greatest need to thrive and take advantage of every possible opportunity at Duke. She saw firsthand the impact of increasing college access and securing funding for students to not only attend college, but also study away and learn more about themselves and their role as global citizens.

As a member of Duke’s Global Education Office, she enjoys helping students to find ways in which they can apply their knowledge within practicum experiences while also learning how to work with others with diverse perspectives from around the world. Having served on several global and civic-engagement working groups on campus, Hayley has a particular interest in advising on best practices for academic development, pre-professional readiness and ethical global engagement.
An avid reader, Hayley seeks to understand the global viewpoints of others to inform her worldview. She is always planning her next weekend excursion and far-away travels, daily listens to her favorite albums, and spends time outdoors as much as possible.
Hayley joined the Global Education Office for Undergraduates in 2017.
Primary Responsibilities: Advise and prepare students for global practicum and research experiences across Duke-administered and Duke-approved study away programs. In partnership with the Career Center, provides assistance with the application process, as well as, goal and expectation setting. Cultivate placement sites and develop resources for both providers and students seeking internships or research assistantships while studying away.
Professional Interests: Experiential learning, pre-professional readiness, ethical engagement, re-entry programming, educational inequality, financial aid for studying abroad, intercultural competency, curriculum development, assessment.