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GEOReflects 2018 Winners


GEOReflects challenges students to examine their time studying away from Duke by bridging artistic expression and educational experience. Through photography and short written pieces, GEOReflects encourages students to use their study abroad/study away experience to develop a deeper understanding of other cultures and of themselves.


Judging of Best in Category awards will be an interdisciplinary effort. The Global Education Office will appoint two student judges from the Global Education Student Committee. Additional judges will be selected from campus partners such as the Directors of Academic Engagement for Global & Civic Opportunities, Duke Global, International House, etc. 

What makes a good entry?

While it's not an official requirement that photos show people, past winners have consistently submitted entries about students engaging in their experience. Humans like human stories – keep that in mind. Your photo and the accompanying written reflection are considered a package. Compelling entries use the strength of each medium and communicate a relationship between the photograph and your thoughts.

The contest seeks work that creatively conveys your study away experience in relation to three categories:

  1. Self-Awareness: Reflections of a personal nature
  2. Cultural Perspective: Reflections on host culture and/or your own
  3. Academic Experience: Reflections on academics and learning

What was it like to be a student in another culture? Think about how your ideas, opinions, perceptions, or knowledge changed as a result of studying away. What surprised you about the experience? What aspect of the experience stuck with you the most? What photo brings back the strongest memories? Tell us about it with your photos and writing!


By participating in the GEOReflects contest, you authorize Duke University to use your photos and writing for official University communication and publicity campaigns related to global education opportunities. 




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