Try on a New City for Credit

5 Reasons to Pursue a U.S.-Based Study Away Program

At GEO we believe you can have a global experience anywhere in the world, including right here in the U.S. The Duke Global Education Office administers a growing number of U.S.-based study away programs in iconic US places such as: New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Alaska, and Silicon Valley. 

What makes GEO U.S.-based programs unique? 

1.     Pre-Professional Focus

U.S.-based programs are designed to enhance students' pathway to their careers. Program content is focused on professional growth and personal leadership development, positioning students to have a competitive advantage when pursuing future internships and jobs.

2.     Faculty Directors Who Know the Area Like a Local

Sure, students could visit these places on their own, but they won't get the same insider experience they'll get with Duke faculty directors who know these cities/regions like the back of their hand. The directors' nuanced familiarity with the area allows students to go beyond the typical tourist perspective and truly use the city/region as a learning lab.

3.     Programs Run Long Enough to Have an Impact

Unlike other universities that run their U.S.-based programs as an alternative spring break or a J-Term/winter break, Duke's programs run for a summer term or a full semester and are intensive in nature. Students have enough time to delve into the course topics and form solid connections with people in the field.

4.     Credit-Bearing Internships

About half of our U.S.-based programs offer for-credit internships. This is a huge draw for students who are interested in working in these cities post-graduation, as they can work for employers now who may very well hire them later. The faculty who lead these programs often have strong connections in the host city, meaning students are regularly placed in internships with notable organizations, doing really amazing work. 

5.     Duke Alumni Network

One of the most distinguishing components of the U.S.-based programs is the involvement of Duke alumni now working in host cities/regions. Alumni love to give back, and they do so by inviting students to behind-the-scenes tours, networking events, and private meetings at their organization. Others host guest lectures, give presentations, or serve as mentors. This direct access to Duke alumni who are leaders in their respective fields is a hallmark of our U.S.-based programs. 

Check out the GEO U.S.-based programs offered: