Força Barça!

The game ended 0-0, but I feel like a winner for watching FCB play in Barcelona! Barça fans could give Cameron Crazies a run for our money any day. They love their football club, and they love being from Barcelona! Program excursions like this one plus my local internship and the "Exploring Barcelona" class made me feel like I really belonged in the city. 

I fell in love with the food, people, and language of Catalonia; does anyone know any Catalan speakers in the Triangle that I could practice with?

My favorite part of studying on IFSA-Butler: Engage Barcelona was my program-sponsored internship in a local music therapy facility. The program did a great job of matching my academic and career interests to a local small business where I could get relevant international job experience. Now, I'm familiar with how music therapy is conducted and its effects—in Spanish!

Thanks to my host family, internship, program-specific classes, local language practice, and excursions I feel like I really became a member of the Barcelona community. Wherever you go and whatever you study, I encourage everyone to utilize program offerings and find your own ways to become a part of your host city!

Duke in Spain