• Image of pencils with text saying Don't sign that form

Don't Sign That Form

Always Refer Students to GEO for Signature on Study Away Forms

If a student asks for your signature on a form related to study abroad/away, GEO kindly requests that you do not sign the form, and instead ask the student to contact our office for assistance with obtaining necessary signatures. Students can either reach out to a GEO advisor or contact us via our general inbox at globaled@duke.edu.

When might this happen?

Students who are planning to do a Duke-Approved study away program will likely be applying to a program provider or university other than Duke. Occasionally in this situation, students erroneously assume that they won't interface with GEO during their process. However, this is incorrect, as GEO is involved with coordinating study away for all Duke students.

Why is this so important? 

First, we take great care to make sure students pursuing study away are eligible to do so. We conduct dean’s checks and conduct checks to make sure Duke agrees the student is in a position to study away for a term.

Second, we are responsible for ensuring programs offered by universities and providers other than Duke are properly vetted for credit at Duke. If forms are being signed and exchanged outside of our purview, we risk compromising these important standards. 


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